Q. Does QB3 take equity in startups participating in the Summits?
A. No.

Q. Will my pitch at the Summit be seen only by investors?
A. Yes. No other entrepreneurs will be present while you pitch.

Q. What funding stage does my company have to be at to apply?
A. Companies looking for early-stage through Series A funding are welcome.

Q. My startup is not a UC spinoff. Can we still participate?
A. Yes, we welcome California startups of all origins.

Q. Can startups from outside California take part?
A. If your company has at least one C-level employee in California, you are eligible to take part.

Q. I'm an investor and I want to be involved but I can't attend the Summit itself. Can I still join the program?
A. Yes, you will still have access to all the information about selected startups through the online platform.

Q. I'm an entrepreneur and I want to apply but I can't make one of the dates. Can we still participate?
A. Unfortunately not; we need entrepreneurs to be here in person on all dates.