If your company applied to one or more Pitch Summits in 2017, please click here for the process to apply to the 2018 Biotech/Biopharma Summit.

Important Dates

  • February 20: Deadline to apply for an invitation.
  • March 1: Startups selected to present to the judging panel will be notified.
  • March 7 & 8: Presentations to the panel of judges who will choose the finalists. Each company will present on one of the two dates.
  • April 4: Startups pitch investors & partners in private session.


All events are held at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay campus.

How it works

  • Click the button to register in our system and submit your company for the next Summit. (You will be sent to our online startup/investor platform.)
  • We will select 40 companies to present in front of an expert judging panel.
  • The judging panel will select 10-15 companies to pitch to investors at the Summit.
  • The 10-15 selected companies will receive professional coaching.
  • The selected companies will be able to interact with investors before and after the Summit through our online platform.
  • Each company will deliver a 10 minute pitch to the investors in a private setting on the day of the Summit. Other startups will not be present.

Pitch deck guidelines

Please keep in mind that this deck will be reviewed as a standalone deck; make sure to be as clear as possible. Also, please be sure to keep your deck non-confidential. Decks labeled confidential cannot be accepted.

The deck must adhere to the following structure with 12 slides in total: 

  • Slide 1 Include your name, company, and contact information. 
  • Slide 2 What is the specific problem you are trying to solve? Provide some background on the scale of this problem and the market opportunity. 
  • Slide 3 Who are your customers/users? How are they currently trying to solve this problem, and what’s lacking in this solution? 
  • Slide 4 What is your company going to do? Describe the technology behind your product or service. How is your product/technology transformational? 
  • Slide 5 What evidence do you have that your technology will achieve this goal? Showing some data here can be helpful. What is the current stage of your technology? 
  • Slide 6 What IP protection do you have or anticipate having? 
  • Slide 7 What is your business model? Also address your regulatory approach, if relevant. 
  • Slide 8 Explain the current status of your startup and the development stage of your product/technology: what does the near future looks like? 
  • Slide 9 What happens beyond the next milestones? Describe the longer term plan and timeline for your startup from the technical and business strategy perspectives. 
  • Slide 10 How much funding have you raised (from grant sources as well as private capital)? How much money do you hope to raise at this time? How do you plan to use the funds you raise to achieve key milestones? 
  • Slide 11 Who are your competitors and how do your value propositions compare with theirs? Provide a complete view. 
  • Slide 12 Who are the key team members on your management team, board of directors and board of advisers, as well as any major investors. Why is your team best-positioned to advance the product/technology you are developing? Elaborate on key skills/expertise, history of how and why the team was formed.